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Installation and 10 feet copper pipe


Electrical spare parts


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Country of Origin: Malaysia

Country of Assemble: Malaysia



Mold-proof operation

After the AC unit is closed the fan continues at a low speed. From the cold or dehumidifying mode,

to dry with the indoor unit and to prevent the formation of the mode. Which makes you more permanent.


Automatic detection of unusual operations or components, faults code well appears in indoor units.

CARRIER CASSETTE TYPE AIR CONDITIONER Air Conditioner is designed to create a cool and comfortable living environment.

It can be used as residential as well as commercial properties. It has been integrated with an ionizer for refilling, natural and healthy air.

Ionizer creates a high-voltage ionization zone through which the air plasma is transformed. The most dust,

smoke and pollen particles in the air are captured by electrostatic filters. It has freshened and the environment is safe.

With new technology of Refrigerant Leak Detector (RLD), the air conditioner gives a hint when the outdoor unit detects leakage in the refrigerator.

CARRIER CASSETTE TYPE AIR CONDITIONER Air Conditioner is also a self-cleaning function which automatically cleans steam and keeps the air

fresh for the next operation. Its cool operation makes it ideal for home and office use. With carrier split air conditioner,

you can enjoy a cool and healthy environment in your home. It is an attractive design which will mix well with the interior

decorations of your home. It is energy efficient and does not take long to calm a room. Having this split AC will make you

work well in the day and make sure to sleep better at night. Installing Carrier Split ACT is very easy and it has two separate

units that make it equally easy to maintain.


Model CCA-30HR1
Indoor Power Supply V-Ph-Hz 220~240/1/50
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 36000
Capacity kW 7.1
Input  W 150
Rated current  A 0.7
EER W/W 2.78
Heating Capacity  Btu/h 26000
Capacity Kw 7.7
Input W 150
Rated current   A 0.7
COP  w/w 3.42
Max input consumption W 200
Max. A 1.1
Indoor Fan Motor Model YDK-45Q-6P3
Input  W 150
Capacity  uF 3
Speed (Hi/Med/Low)  r/min 850/790/600
Indoor Coil Number of Rows 2
Tube Pitch (a) x Row Pitch(b) mm 21 x 13.37
Fin Spacing   mm 1.45
Fin Type Hydrophilic
Tube Outside Dia and Type mm Φ 7 Inner grooved
Coil length x height x width mm 2000 x 168 x 26.74
Number of Circuits 8
Indoor Airflow (High speed) m³/h 1200
Indoor noise level dB(A) 44~48
Indoor Unit Dimension (W x H x D) Body mm 840 x 840 x 230
Panel mm 950 x 950 x 50
Packaging (W x H x D) Body mm 920 x 920 x 265
Panel mm 1030 x 1030 x 105
Net/Gross weight Body Kg 28/31
Panel Kg 5.5/8.5
Max Pressure MPa 4.0
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant Piping Liquid Side/Gas Side mm Φ 9.52/Φ15.88 (3/8″+5/8′)
Drainage Pipe mm 25
Standard Controller Standard controller (wired controller for option)
Operation Temperature °C 16~32
Ambient Temperature °C 7~43
Application Area 28-50
Model COU-24HR1
Outdoor Power Supply V-Ph-Hz 220~240/1/50
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 24000
Capacity Kw 7.1
Input W 2400
Rated current A 10.6
Heating Capacity Btu/h 26000
Capacity Kw 7.7
Input W 2100
Rated current A 9.2
Max Input Consumption W 2700
Max Current A 13.2
Starting current A 49
Compressor Model ASH264RV-C8DU1
Type Rotary
Brand Hitachi
Capacity Btu/h 24000
Input W 2200
Rated current (RLA) A 9.95
Locked rotar (LRA) A 49
Thermal protector Internal
Capacity uF 55
Refrigerant Oil ml 600
Outdoor Motor Fan Model YDK-60A-6F
Input W 150
Capacity uF 4
Speed r/min 850
Outdoor Coil Number of rows 2
Tube Pitch (a) Test Row Pitch mm 25 x 21.65
Fin spacing mm 1.8
Fin type Hydrophilic
Tube outside dia. and type mm 9.52 Inner grooved
Number of circuits 5
Outdoor Airflow (High speed) m³h 3800
Outdoor noise level dB(A) 58
Outdoor Unit Dimension (W x H x D) mm 930 x 370 x 700
Packaging (W x H x D) mm 900 x 410 x 770
Net/Gross weight Kg 52/56
Refrigerant Type g R410A/1800
Throttle Part Capillary
Design Pressure MPa 4.0/1.2
Max Pressure MPa 4.5
Connecting Wiring Outdoor power supply Power supply individually for indoor and outdoor
Power wiring mm 3 x 2.5/3 x 1.0
Signal wiring mm 5 x 1.0
Refrigerant Piping Liquid Side/Gas Side mm 9.52/19.5 (3/8″+3/4″)
Max Pipe Length m 20
Max High Drop m 10
Ambient Temp Heating °C -7~43


100% BTU
Super Air Purifying System.
Energy saving model.
Capacity 36000 BTU.
Coanda airflow technology and power air flow dual flaps.
Energy Rating: 2 Star.
Anti-corrosion treatment for ODU and heat exchanges fins.


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