General Split-Cassette Type AUG25FUAR 2. TON

৳  110,500.00


Installation and 10 feet copper pipe



: Free

: 3 (Three) Years

: 2 (Two) years

Country of Origin: Japan            

Country of Assemble: Thailand




General is one of the most popular air conditioning manufacturers worldwide. In collaboration with ETA-Ascun, Thailand, this company has brought some higher products that have been governing these markets for a long time. This is one of the few manufacturers of the premium range suppliers of air conditioners in the AC market. So, it’s a review about O’Neal Cassette Type Air Conditioner.

General Cassette Type Air Conditioner (AC) Review


is very popular among the people who are aware about it. They are premium range air conditioning manufacturers who are not only popular in India but also in the Middle Eastern countries where the temperature is always above 45 degrees Celsius. This product is the most famous for its long life term and its robust quality, at its temperature and even its performance at any temperature. These products are ordinary Japanese products but currently it is imported from Thailand only. So, do not forget to check the box packing where it is manufactured. General is currently offering 2 types of Cassette Type ACs:

Make General Cassette Type Air Conditioner (AC) quality

This product is excellent in this build quality. When we give a premium amount, we hope to do a good quality product. And this air conditioner has got excellent finishing, each end is finished properly and you are not looking for any part of it cheap or anything. There is no compromise on the inside part as well. Based on the fact that we have received all the reviews, the lifetime of this product is so much that it becomes obvious that every internal part is part of the starter’s fees, ABS plastic, fire-reinterred components, special Japanese steel sheet metal parts, special quality polyurethane coating. The outer panels that are removable also wash as well. You can easily remove panels for molds and dust cleaning and this makes your air conditioner always clean. Also part of producing squeaking sound produced by stress made by some parts is eliminated using soft resin. The entire external unit creates a piece and gives it a form of integration, as well as provides better living conditions in other parts as well. It also resulted in long life of motor growth which is sealed in built-in auto-oily Fujitsu fan motor aluminum cased fins.

General shows the Cassette Type Air Conditioner (AC)

When it comes to see, General

is not very impressive. As a separate product, the appearance is simple and looks fine and bad. But we compare the comparison with Hitachi, LG or Samsung, these companies have the edge over the faces here. I really wonder, General Air Conditioning is a very big brand of manufacturers and they always shine when it comes to beautify products. Maybe they cannot feel India in their largest customer base and in the Middle Eastern countries, these are more sales of this simple look. But man does not say much, but when people give something good, then I think some good looks are always a welcome.

  • Less drainage effect
  • Big outdoor fan
  • Moisture Removal
  • Double Auto Swing
  • Automatic Flaps
  • Auto Shut Flaps
  • Automatic Air Flow Adjustment
  • Auto Restart
  • Negative Air Ions Deodorizing Filter
  • Click to Zoom/Easy Maintenance

General Cassette Type Air Conditioner (AC) Easy Maintenance


Cassette Type Air Conditioner (AC) After Sales Service From all the reviews we aggregated, this company is providing an average after sales service. If you check the official website, many portions of the website is not working at all. Even store locator or service center locator is not even working. So, this is point which really pokes that when such a big company is not even aware about the bad condition of its official website, how they would be aware of other major things like providing a satisfactory after sales service. This is the point where General requires a major upgrade. So, it’s best to buy this product from an authorized dealer and you can always call them to send a person to you for servicing or when you had any kind of trouble with it.



Model No. Indoor unit AUG24FUAR
Outdoor unit AOG24FNAKL
Power Source V/ Ø/Hz 230/1/50
Capacity Cooling kW 7.05
BTU/h 24000
Heating kW
Input Power Cooling kW 2.60 / —
EER Cooling W/W 2.71
COP Heating
Running Current Cooling/Heating A 11.50 / —
Moisture Removal I/h 2.5
Airflow Rate (High) Indoor m3/h 1,100
Net Dimension H x W x D Net Weight Indoor / Grille mm 246x830x830/35x940x940
kg(lbs) 34.0(75)
Outdoor mm 650x830x320/650x830x320
kg(lbs) 58.0 (128)
Piping Connections (Small / Large) mm 9.52/15.88
Drain Pipe Diameter (I.D./O.D.) 32.0/37.0
Max Pipe Length (Pre-Charge) m 25(7.5)
Max Height Difference 15
Operation Range Cooling °CDB 0 to 43
Refrigerant R410A
Cassette Grille UTG-UDGD-W


100% BTU
Super Air Purifying System.
Energy saving model.
Capacity 24000 BTU.
Coanda airflow technology and power air flow dual flaps.
Energy Rating: 2 Star.
Anti-corrosion treatment for ODU and heat exchanges fins.



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